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Tata Sky is a leading Direct-to-Home (DTH) service provider. Subscribe to Tata Sky DTH and experience the revolution in digital TV viewing!,We are Bangladeshi Tata Sky DTH service provider, Tata Sky DTH popular product are following


This set minimum, and lowest cost Tata Sky Satellite TV viewing product, you will get with this package  Standard Tata Sky TV channel detector receiver, this receiver support AV cable. Mini Umbrella and LNB include price only 5500/- BDT, Satellite cable (coaxial cable) required for connecting Mini-Dish satellite antenna position to your TV position, cable cost additional per gauge: 20 BDT, Minimum monthly subscription for chosen packs or individual channels pack cannot be less than Rs 155, (300 BDT) and Base Pack you can choose as you want.  this product do not allow to view HD (High Definition) channel, only SD (Standard) channel you can view, Tata Sky DTH service provider have a great web based package management control panel, so you can easily manage your favorite channel as you want using website from Bangladesh. You can run it anywhere (village or town), if necessary I will provide all necessary setup manual step by step, otherwise our level one DTH technician will provide setup solutions, there additional cost will be minimum 1500 BDT maximum will negotiable, it very much depend on Dhaka to your setup location.

Tata Sky HD set top box medium cost Satellite TV viewing product, this package have HD receiver with remote, Mini Umbrella and LNB include price only 7500/- BDT, this receiver support AV and HDMI cable. Coaxial cable cost additional per gauge: 20 BDT, you can choose minimum monthly subscription as make my own pack Rs 155, (300 BDT) and Base Pack you can choose as you want.
This product can allow viewing SD (Standard) and HD (High Definition) channel, HD Access Fee allows viewing of HD channels subscribed to as a part of base pack, monthly HD Access Fee basis subscription duration: Rs 125 per month, 6 months and 12 month based HD Access fee have discount. You can manage channel from Tata sky website as you want. You can also contact Tata sky agent via website live chat, Tata sky agent will assist you gladly.

Do you have favorite TV program at any pay channel? Not getting enough time to watch regular? Then Tata Sky HD+ setup best choice for you, this receiver have include 500 GB hard disk it can store 600 hours program record, you will get on this product set HD+ receiver, Mini Umbrella and LNB include price only 15,000/- BDT.

Have multiple televisions at home? If you have more than one television at home then Tata Sky has a great solution for you to have multiple DTH connections at your home. Read more at: http://www.tatasky.com/wps/portal/tatasky/products/multitvconnection

Major DTH satellite equipments and service price details at:

Umbrella Positon | Tata Sky | Insat 4A at 83.0°E | http://www.lyngsat.com/Insat-4A.html

we provide complete Tata Sky DTH solution in Bangladesh, Tata Sky package modification, Tata Sky DTH recharge in Bangladesh, DTH level one technician, installation support, home delivery & installation, television viewing experience in DVD quality picture and CD quality sound. Tata Sky+ HD in 1080i resolution, that is 5 time sharper in picture quality, High end set top boxes also support additional functionalities like digital video recorders, remote recording, you can record live TV, play back a recorded programmer and pause & rewind live TV. gaming etc.

we provide branded Tata Sky DTH Satellite Complete Equipment, other DTH Satellite Equipment, like | Dish TV | Sun Direct | Airtel Digital TV | Tata Sky | Reliance Digital TV | Videocon D2H, if you wish to see Bangladeshi all satellite channels without any monthly bill then I can also provide all equipment anywhere in Bangladesh village or town, then you can see Bangladeshi all satellite channels fully free, Bangladeshi all free satellite channels equipment price is different, you may contact us if you have interest to buy Bangladeshi free channels equipment. Our more service  satellite channels business solution, local TV channels management solution anywhere in Bangladesh.
TATA Sky Detailed Package Inquiry and Knowledge
Thanks for your interest to learn about TATA Sky package details, however, we always depend on which DTH company what type of package offering, we just can help on DTH Company offering package maintenance.

TATA Sky offer 2 type of channel list, that you can set on your set top box (Receiver)
1# Base Pack: http://www.tatasky.com/wps/portal/tatasky/channelpackages
here is minimum Rs. 170 and maximum Rs. 430 per month, you can only watch those channel have on your package list. If you need more channel then you can choose add-on packs or regional packs what you channel list need.

2# Make my own pack: http://www.tatasky.com/wps/portal/tatasky/channelpackages/makemypack
here is minimum Rs. 155 and maximum depend on you, we recommended to TV viewer use TATA Sky provided “make my own pack” because base pack providing some channel you may like and some channel you may not like, beside “make my own pack” give you power selecting individual channels to your DTH package. On this way you just can select those channels you like.

6 month package and 1 year package have some discount offer; HD access fee per month Rs. 100 there are not have any discount offer.

How you select favorite channel and how much cost?
Yes, here is very easy procedure, just browse above “make my own pack” link and select your targeted channel name, you can review each individual channel cost per month, select your favorite channel until achieve minimum Rs. 155, if you select more channel, then your payment will be increase, for your better understanding you can review bellow images/excel accounting.

You may review all different channel individual monthly cost by visiting Make My Own Pack link. If you need more information then you may mail at: support@onlinejobsbd.info I always ready to assist you gladly.

how to reset Tata sky manage your account?

Tata sky have a great web option My Tata Sky (Recharge & manage your account) online, some time you unable to login my Tata Skye manage your account online, if you face wrong password problem then don’t worry, you can reset Tata Sky account online, just you need to Subscriber ID and Digi Card number Change your login password here | https://m.mytatasky.com/mportal/LoginAction.action?flag=1

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