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You probably found us by when you are checking your preferable domain name on domain availability checker tools, when you reviewed “this domain already taken” there after you may browse that domain name on internet browser, or by search engines, social media or other way, and you are now looking at this web page, which is the first step to us having you may our client.
         This Web Page Hosting Courtesy Of


Attention for some domains owner when you are reviewing our “Multiway Info System” courtesy webpage on your domain name and when we are unable to contact with exact webmaster by phone number, email address or other way.

Why you offering for sale those domains name?
We are master company for domain sales service in Bangladesh, we already have 500+ domain Sub-Resellers, each domain Sub-Resellers under have more Sub-Resellers and customer, so we can access domain control under our all Sub-Resellers and customers, every domain owner not using our providing package domain, hosting web design package at once. Due to domain and hosting payment issue most of domain owner using very much different hosting package, that why domain expire date and hosting expire date does not match at once, that’s why some of domain going park page by ICANN, hosting company advertisement page, other under construction web page or other webpage by various issues, when some domain owner not responsible about his/her domain hosting and development and not connecting with they are up level domain hosting providing company for solving they are issue before domain expire date, and when we unable to contact with exact webmaster by phone number, email address or other way. There after we redirect that domain name with our “Multiway Info System” courtesy webpage and we offer for re-sale domain name.

Why we are not getting correct domain owner?
Customer purchased this domain form us, but customer used other hosting, that may already expired, beside, we provide superior customer service, that why we tried to contact him for running this site by purchase our hosting service! But he not interested to continue this domain name or, we are unable to contact with him. We also renew some domain our self, when some domain owner not interested to continue using domain name, and we offer for sale those domain name!

We are offering following domains for sale.

Keyword Domain
Expire Date



(We remove above domain name from our list when any domain has sold or when re-contact exact domain owner fixing they are issue or wish to continue his domain, beside we will add domain on our above list when any domain name facing problem about above explained issue)

If you are interested to buy above any one domain name that you wish to make your brand name that potential for your customers for your product or service, then you may contact us, we are ready to sale domain name before expire date. However, some Important and related frankly ask question can be helpful for your better understanding.

Important and related Frankly Ask Question.

What is Multiway Information System?
“Multiway Information System” is a one of most popular I.T Firm around of Bangladesh; we provide cheap rate domain sales, hosting sales, website development, software development, best IT support, E-commerce solution, online jobs, offline jobs & many more service around of the world. Our all of associate person very happy using our service, because we provide 24/7 best superior customer support with lowest prices. We already have lots of domain Sub-Resellers, and Domain Customers from each district/sub district (Area executive) around of Bangladesh, we also providing service to our all of client transparently, we always provide important announcement to our all associate person, our all honorable administrative team, colleagues, associate business organization, modest person, customers, member, worker, co-worker are important to us, we provide best support to our all associate person and provide superior customer service sincerely. You may review our detailed service information by our one of special website design package at:

How much you charge for a domain name?
Please contact us with your preferable domain name, and then we will reply you with our pricing plan and domain ownership transfer detailed system. You will pay us ONE-TIME, after transfer domain ownership to you, there after you will pay every year domain renewal payment yourself, or by us, but domain control always to your!

How do I know that this is a safe transaction for domain buy online?
We do everything possible to make sure our customers are confident that this is a safe transaction, you can also pay us by PayPal.com, payza.commoneybookers.com, freelancer.com, buysafe.com, other Online international or local purchase Card, or discussing mail or phone how you pay us. We give you trial access to domain before you make payment!

PayPal or other online international or local purchase card payment we receive by online third party variable payments getaway www.2checkout.com.

you may review 2checkout.com Payment Privacy Policy And Refund Policy

Will my personal information be kept confidential?
YES!  Our privacy policy is very simple-your data is never shared, reused, sold or distributed in any way whatsoever.

How will I know that I own the domain?
After purchase, you will be the exclusive owner of the domain.  All rights and title are transferred to you. You will be able to verify ownership by checking the WHOIS record for the domain, and you will see that the domain is in your name. Also, you will be able to manage every aspect of the domain, including name servers, whois record, host records, domain forwarding and email forwarding. You will also be able to obtain the authorization code for the domain.

What is keywords domain?
Keywords domain will seems 2/3 denote words, which words already have good hit as keywords on search engine, you can test your selected keywords using this google keywords tools
this type of domain can get visitor from search engine without doing anything. Also this type of domain has good value on the domain industry. Many of these domains can be resold for thousands of dollars! You can also develop these domains and make a nice monthly residual income. We have marked on our domain list which is a keyword domain for your example!

What happens if my domain name expires?
If your domain name expired, then your site may show an advertisement page from your domain registrar. We suggest to renew domain directly for 5 years or greater in order to avoid any deactivation at any point in time.

Can I renew my domain name after expires?
Sure, you can renew your domain name after expires to within 30 days, but late renewal fee also charge from you domain register company. If you not renew by agreeing late renewal fee within last 30 days, then no longer to renew your domain name if you wish to pay late renewal fee, you will be lost your domain name permanently!

When again available to buy my same domain name after expires?
Usually most of domain register company archive all of expire domain names for next one year as a premium domain name and they wish to sale those domain name with higher price! If someone buy your domain name as a premium domain with higher price, then probably you may not able to buy your domain again with regular price, review our domain regular price plan on our website, beside if during next one year not buy your same domain name someone around of the world, then that domain name again available for buy with regular price.

What happens if my hosting package expires?
If your hosting package expired, then your site will show an advertisement page from your hosting package company.

How I trace domain creation and expiry date?
Yes, you can trace every domain creation and expiry date by online tools around of world with other domain related information as public viewable by at: http://whois.ws/whois/onlinejobsbd.info
We recommended to expect request from correct domain owner or who wish to buy any domain name from our list before expire date or until removing this courtesy webpage, then we will transfer ownership with full domain control, otherwise we unable to sale domain name to you.

Can you help me for build website, search engine optimization, social network marketing or other internet marketing platform related issue?
YES, we provide our various “Internet Marketing Solutions” based service worldwide  by several online freelancing market place, for example, review our freelancer profile: at http://www.freelancer.com/u/multiwaybd.html
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