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Online Jobs BD Formally “Multiway Information System” and this I.T Firm working under Multiway Group, we are not only working to improve by online based Jobs around of Bangladesh, we also working to improve by offline based Jobs around of Bangladesh, we always believe “Progressive Bangladesh Creating Credence” so we always working to improve for Bangladeshi people by online jobs and offline jobs.

We have several and legal technical offline jobs ideas, any low educated people can earn much more money by applying those technical offline jobs ideas. No extra high skills are required. But if you have excellent I.T skills and newly find us, then you can also join our online based jobs. We are welcome to you!

We are highly recommended to our Bangladeshi people “don’t stay unemployed” when much more income opportunities have near of you!

However, we express here one of technical offline jobs ideas. This is Computer font rubber Seal or stamp making technology.

I am expressing here Computer Seal Exposure Machine

You need following equipment for doing this offline jobs computer rubber Seal making business.

#Required instrument~1 (compulsory)

*expose making complete machine
*01 Inch gum tape
*0.5 Inch gum tape
*A power chemical
*B power chemical
*exposure negative film
*hypo film exposure end chemical
*chemicals rubber
*petrol or octane 5 liters with garner
*lengthy stills plate or tray
*10 liters 2 copies plastic garner
*white color 60 ward electric bulb/light with full cable configure
*red color 05 ward electric bulb/light with full cable configure
*hard brush
*transparent 10MM preferable size fresh glass

#required instrument~2 (optional)

*hair dresser
*reattach chemical
*ordinary power
*enough reliable button
*transparent plastic ordinary button
*flexo Seal button
*pen Seal button

We highly recommend if you are unemployed and if you have interest to start excellent small business on your local area by offline jobs or online jobs, and then start today your business, we will help you about everything. Although we are describing here proper work procedure, following all step you can do using any type of light/white color 60 ward electric bulb)

Step#01 you need a small business shop on your local market, if you don’t have then manage first.
Step#02 you need to start campaign you are doing computer font rubber seal, you can also marketing your service many of other way.
Step#03 interested customer will come to you shop about making they are seal.
Step#04 deals with him about your product service cost, by agreed both.
Step#05 you need to computer compose what your customer is expecting from you about computer custom font (usually most of people prefer (SutonnyMJ for Bangla) (Times new Roman for English) font, font size, seal size, type of seal button, for example: ordinary button, flexo Seal button, pen Seal button.
Step#06 if you not have computer then you need to manage it by other computer shop, beside if you have own computer but if you don’t have laser printer, then you can compose customer expecting design on your own computer, and you need to print out by other computer shop who have laser printer. Overall you need an own better computer with better laser printer, Software skills: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, it should be best. However, manage customer expecting design by A4 offset paper using laser printer.

Following all step you should do just using red color 05 ward electric bulb)

Step#07 target first your seal size and mixed as liquid (A power chemical and B power chemical) at once one of preferable plastic garner.
Step#08 mixed your hypo film exposure chemical on another preferable plastic garner.
Step#09 be careful without red color 05 ward electric bulb light other light not allow during this work time.
Step#10 put your seal laser printed A4 offset design paper on your font of expose machine
Step#11 exposure negative films usually tow side, (black and white) put your exposure negative films as white side font of you.
Step#12 another white none A4 offset paper keep on your negative films.
Step#13 close machine exposure font side.
Step#14 on your exposure machine white light switch just for 1 or 2 seconds and off quickly.
Step#15 take your negative film and put on your A power and B power mixed liquid until get your expose transparently.
Step#16 once you think your expose is transparent then quickly put your negative film on
mixed liquid hypo film exposure end chemical.
Step#17 wait over 3 minutes and sear your film by hair dresser.
Step#18 as our film size we need to cut chemicals rubber
Step#19 keep your chemicals rubber on your exposure machine white side font of you and wait over 3 minutes by keep on your machine light then off your machine light.
Step#20 usually your film right now both side fully different, side1 normal readable, side2 mirror of readable, so keep your film on your exposure machine as normal readable font of you!
Step#21 if you review your chemicals rubber carefully then you can review one of side have a transparent screen. So remove transparent screen and put your chemicals rubber on your film match with chemicals rubber removable side.
Step#22 around of your targeted chemicals rubber keep same type other join free none chemicals rubber.
Step#23 put a transparent 10MM preferable size fresh glass on your everything materials.
Step#24 close machine exposure font side.
Step#25 on your exposure machine white light switch just for 10 minutes and off quickly.
Step#26 thereafter takes your chemicals rubber and attach by 1.0 Inch gum tape with your lengthy stills plate or tray hard side.
Step#26 ajar by petrol or octane your chemicals rubber on economies liquid.
Step#27 wash by hard brush until transparent your font on your chemicals rubber
Step#28 thereafter takes your rubber clean it by fresh normal fabrics
Step#29 sear your rubber by hair dresser.
Step#30 thereafter again keep your rubber on exposure machine light over 5 minutes normally
Step#31 again wash by ordinary power and then attach your complete rubber seal by 0.5 Inch gum tape to your customer expected button, for example: ordinary button, flexo seal button, pen seal button.
Step#32 once completed everything then delivery your creation computer font rubber Seal to your customer.

I am expressing here Several Computer Seal various button

This is documentary computer font rubber seal or stamp making tutorial, and if you follow step by step tutorial then you can do this offline jobs business yourself, beside if you need any help then you may contact us. We will help you gladly.

You can make any custom size for computer font Seal, for example rectangles, squares or rounds, although you can use following suitable size, bellow graph sizes are by millimeters.

I am Expressing Here Several Suitable Computer Font Seal Sizes.

You can finish total work over an hour’s when you fully experience with this job, so you can take urgent order with high price from customer anytime! No worry!

In addition this business, you can sale on your shop various ink pad ink refill, date seal etc, many of customers looking those items on your shop.

What my actual cost and what is my benefit?

For example if you make a normal type of seal then you actual cost will be only 30 BDT, but you can charge from your customer 250~300BDT, overall you can make money by this offline jobs over 50,000 BDT per month! Because this business technology still not very much available on local market and this business you can do none-stop forever!

I understand your documentary tutorial, but can you help me about this business Practically?

SURE, we can help you physically or practically; we wish to help every district/sub district peoples around of Bangladesh, so if you need teach about this offline jobs, then contact with us get your schedule today! Our hotline: 01911273770 preferable call time: afternoon, evening or whole night time (don’t call within morning 6AM to Midday 01:10PM, (because this is our sleeping time)

Where from I collect computer seal making materials at first or when my stored items will finish?

YES, we have another one organization that called “Multiway Enterprise” Business Title: (best import, export and distributor around of Bangladesh) this organization also working under Multiway Group, we
import various chemicals other various product from foreign manufacturing company directly and we distributing around of Bangladesh as well during long time. You can collect about this business all of chemicals and others all products from us, so if you need then you may contact us.

How I pay you and how I will get my targeted materials?

At first you need to inform us which materials or product you need, then you will confirm your materials price, once agreed by both then you can pay us by our bank account and there after your materials parcel should be arrive by S. A. Paribahan or other preferable parcel service or other way. So, no worries about you have long distance Dhaka to your place.

Who can comfort with this job?

Computer compose shop, photocopy shop, stationary shop, library, Mobile recharge shop, digital photo studio, screen print shop, any type of printing press, computer servicing shop, Cyber café and other preferable shop.

We are continuously searching worldwide and our mother country Bangladesh which type of latest legal technical offline jobs and online business are make much more money. We collect complete technology and share with our Bangladeshi unemployed peoples, we also teach to peoples small printing press business by screen print technology, stone name plate for house or other type of stone name plate making technology and many more, if you wish to start those offline jobs business then you may contact us, you can start business anytime and anywhere around of Bangladesh. So don’t forget to bookmarks (Ctrl+D) our website on your internet browser!

This offline jobs support valid only Bangladesh, We already have Area  Executive from each district/sub district, we also providing service to our all of client transparently, because "Multiway Info System" is a one of honest I.T Firm around of Bangladesh.

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