Captcha 1.2 server down and upgrade details

moshiur rahman | 3:10 AM |

Online Jobs BD transparently inform to our all honorable captcha team leaders and users that, we reset
captcha 1.2 server date 6November2012, we also completed payment for that session as well, for your remember that our captcha 1.2 server generating captcha from yahoo public chat room, but yahoo messenger changed they are features for providing great new focus, they also discontinuing some Messenger services, including public chat rooms at 14December’12,
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after this yahoo Messenger upgrade captcha server unable to connect with yahoo public chat room  as yahoo discontinued public chat room at: 14December’12, so our user worked 6November2012 to 14December’12 as well, total duration 38 days, since 14December’12 to till now captcha 1.2 server down, we apologize for any inconvenience this issue has caused by yahoo.

At this point our captcha admin trying to connect captcha 1.2 servers with other many more chat room for keep continue this jobs, captcha admin still not able to confirm us when it will again began, because he need to redesign captcha server with other chat room, once captcha server redesign work complete then he test first himself, if project goes well without any problem then our all users can again start work as well. We assure that notify you once resolve this issue.

Online Jobs BD also trying do develop new own captcha server, read more about this at:

We appreciate your patience and stay with us.