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moshiur rahman | 2:32 AM | formally UK2 Group Low Cost Domain Hosting Reseller Mother Company, Online Jobs BD Formally “Multiway Info System” providing domain sales service to any customer, Online Jobs BD  also provide Cheap rate domain names registration Domain Reseller, Web hosting, Web development and many more web based solutions service to who interested to start web based business around of Bangladesh.
Our All Domain Customers, Domain Resellers Sub-Resellers are important to us, we provide superior service to our all customers.
We allowing any new domain Resellers Sub-Resellers with our company continuously, we provide Domain re-seller control panel with your local marketing brand new over 70 pages free website that you can modify every part of webpage. you can add on your control panel sub reseller and customer panel as well, you can modify reseller and customer pricing plan how you want, make your career with professional organization from anywhere, we committed to build your career with professional organization that can be provide domain registration Bangladesh.

Modifying your Super Site and Partner Site review bellow link

Re-sellers management panel & super site setup with your custom domains tutorials

Partnership URL with your custom domains setup and customization tutorials

However, when you get domain Resellers control panel and brand new over 70 pages free website, there many of function you need to understand, we notify our important announcement to all of our Domain Customers and Domain Sub-Resellers and we always helping if any function you are not clear!
I am describing here some of most impotent technical function by Frankly Ask Question format.

1) Can I move domain name from a customer account to another customer account?
Yes, you can move domain name from a customer account to another customer account as well freely and instantly, if you required to do it then login your control panel which account under have your domain name, then click product tab> list all order> and click on your domain name what you would like to move to another customer account, then you will see “move services” right side of your domain name, there you will see 2 required fill 1> New Customer's ID and 2> New Customer's username, usually  username means new customer joined mail address, input both fill and click “Move Services to other Customer” you also be appear other necessary information and option beside those option, once you click “Move Services to other Customer” then second step you will appear new customer information there you would like to move, if everything okay, then click confirm, and your domain will be move to other new customer,  Important hint, if your current domain resellers lock your domain name for any issue, then you unable to move that domain, that time you need to contact with current domain resellers about domain unlocking issue.

2) How I find my Customer's ID and Customer's username?
Login your control panel which account under have your domain name and click Customer tab > List, then you will be appear List of Customers slot, there you will Customer Id, Name and Email Address, so Customer Id is Customer Id and Customer's username is Email Address, hope you are clear about this!

3) What is your pricing plan if I take reseller from you!
Review here:
and we just charge from you Tier-1 price, but we take per 1$ = 85BDT,
You may review more information at:

I hope you need to do better business online in BD and make money online beside same procedure applicable for us, for the reason that we should help you, but you need to learn those tips, tutorial we are publishing for you, our true durable business relationship forever!

If you follow above tips then you should success in your business function, we always communicate to helping our client honestly.

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