captcha 1.2 server reset 6Nov’12 information

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Online Jobs BD gladly inform that, recently we have reset our captcha program, reset date 6 November 2012 (Tuesday), our previous reset was 16March'12, (Friday)  so total duration 7 Month 21 days, thanks for support our project, usually captcha admin taking long time to reset,  We have successfully counted your captcha final statistics on last reset  16March'12 to 6 November 2012. We also sent all data count to our all users. We have already sent to all individual user statistics attachment report, so user can review data count there, user also review online Google Spreadsheet
please keep your eye our web: for future information.

we honestly informed to our all user If any complain about counting report, for example some count not perfect, previously did much more entry on some of id’s, etc, then please contact us immediately via email | | or phone | 01911-XXXX70 | we are always ready to assist you gladly and would like to solve any of issue as soon as possible, otherwise we do not accept any complain, if everything are okay, then no need any action. We are connecting you regarding payment soon, please active/update your contact details if you have changed anything, if we are fail to connect with you via your phone, thereafter if you have not any response about payment receive within one month, then we may not pay you after one month, so always switch on your contact number, we will call you right way.

please keep continue full support, thank you for stay with lifetime online jobs, if you have any question send me mail at:; you can also call via our phone (01911-XXXX70 (our all of joined member familiar with our contact phone number)
Visit detailed project information at:

if you have some idle user id then let us know, then we will give your inactive ID to other interested person. Beside if you need more user id’s you would like to increase your team, then inform us, then we will provide more ids, we have unlimited user id, this is lifetime project!! Please keep continue full support and increase your entry everyday!

Once our program reset, there after your captcha count will be blank, you never seen count number 0, just you don’t see there, once you entry something then you again see count increasing.
Currently data coming first, cause server is double power, Also data server will more increasing day by day, need to good night support, No bindings par day data entry, so you can do maximum as you possible, 100% guaranteed payment, project since: 1st October 2007, Our running users 1k+, No Complain about payment less. Who can start immediate? And who have big time contact us with necessary requirement, you can read our necessary requirement by opining FAQ page, contact page
We also already informed captcha 1.2 user accounts deactivation notice who did not work anything. By This message we notified that your captcha 1.2 user accounts deactivate from now permanently, unfortunately we are not keep continue you on our captcha 1.2 project, because you have not enough captcha entry on last several server reset pried.
After that notification mail if you use those user ids, then we are unable to make any payment in future, we will send your user ids to other interested person, who would like to work with this program continuously, Our company doesn’t want to keep those users not working properly, If you have any opinion, please do not hesitate to contact with us., also visit detailed project information at:

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